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I was treated by Alexandra for back pain due to a few herniated discs. Before my treatment, I had difficulty walking, bending, and sitting. I was unable to work. After two sessions, I noticed great improvements in my back strength and stability. I was able to work shortly after. Ben H., San Leandro, CA

Alexandra is an outstanding practitioner. She is exceptionally respectful and gracious toward her clients, and her gentle body work is highly effective. She brought relief and healing to my severely injured neck after treatments from other professionals had failed. She gently facilitated my recovery from a life trauma, as well. She is extremely talented and skilled, has studied from top masters, and has even developed her own advanced methods to effectively promote physical and emotional healing. In my experience it is very rare to find a healing practitioner who is as talented, skilled, and attuned as Alexandra. I highly recommend her. Chris S., Oakland, CA

After constantly hearing great things about Alexandra, I finally got the chance to have an appointment with her. She immediately was able to pinpoint conditions that I have been dealing with for years and suggest the appropriate measures to address the problems. Her extensive knowledge and connection with the human body is very clear through her work, and she knows of conditions to look for that I may have passed my whole life without even considering. A huge way she helped me was by suggesting the McCombs plan to me to get rid of candida. Just having finished the 16 week plan I feel amazingly better and very thankful to Alexandra for recommending this plan to me and than being a great support system along the way. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to be a patient of Alexandra's, and would recommend her to anyone with the same confidence as she was recommended to me.Lani B. New Orleans, LA

I went to see Alexandra on the referral of a friend. I was familiar with the type of bodywork she does and had a certain expectation. I was experiencing low back pain that kept me awake at night. Her work was far beyond my expectations of her training. She is a true intuitive healer. She not only could diagnosis my anatomy with a light touch but then could influence the release of the energy stuck in my back, both emotional and physically. I have been working with her in on-going sessions for about 1 month and have experienced a huge shifting in my spine as it realigns itself to a whole new way of carrying myself in the world. Alisa G., MFT, Kensington, CA

Alexandra has an amazing gift in assessing with her hands what is going on in the body, and was accurate with me in several points she worked on during my sessions. She also kept checking until it was precise, when I was having trouble pinpointing exactly what my breathing problem was due to mechanically. It brings strength and confidence to a person when she gives such valuable information as she discovers it. When I injured my arms, she was able help me understand why the discomfort was in a different area than I had actually hurt, and the arm felt so much better from just a few minutes of work. Zandra is honest and realistic as well, telling me just what I need to do for ongoing healing when I am unable to come in for a while. I also deeply appreciated the time she took research physical conditions I didn't yet understand...this is not something most practitioners are willing to do. I got a strong sense of how devoted she is to her clients and how her heart is truly dedicated to wellness for all.Carol J., Mountain View, CA

I saw Alexandra for neck and shoulder problems. I had had a problem with my carotid arteries as well. The treatments from her and the process that was started resulted in a greater range of motion in my neck, a resolution of serious problems in my arteries and a lowering of my blood pressure. She is a very gifted healer with a deep understanding of how the body works and how to help it heal itself. Many thanks!Jan N., RN, Oakland, CA

In just one session with Alexandra, I experienced significant and lasting relief from repetitive use pain in my forearms and wrists. I will definitely be back for another treatment!
Naraya S., Life Coach & Massage Therapist

I’ve been seeing Alexandra for over 10 years. She has helped me to stay functioning and pain free over that time. I work on a computer for my living and was getting burning and sharp stabbing pains in my hands and wrists from too much repetitive work. Alexandra spent a full session working on them and that took care of the pain (what a relief). Now, she just does maintenance on my hands every few visits. Another time, she worked on the small of my back which had become quite swayed and caused pain if I would lie on my stomach or back for too long. In one visit, and with the gentlest of touch, she fixed the problem. The excessive dip in my back was surprisingly and demonstrably gone. Alexandra has also been a great friend to me over the years. She is a treasure.
Laurie G, Orinda, CA, Software Engineer

I have worked with Alexandra over a period of five years, healing injuries sustained from two serious car accidents. After encountering Zandra's amazing work, I literally stopped seeing all my other practitioners. Zandra's precision of diagnosis and skills at creating treatment plans have been impeccable. Her work continually brought my pain levels down and addressed underlying causes, working in succession to clear up persistent issues and restore health and balance. I recommend Zandra to my friends and family whenever possible. Everyone who I know that has had treatment with her has been impressed. She is a a talented and gifted healer and I feel blessed to have found her.Wren F, Brando, CA

Of the many bodywork sessions I have been fortunate enough to have with Zandra, the appointment I had with her after my bi-lateral hernia operation was the most remarkable... I was in a good deal of pain every time I twisted my torso or tried to bend... after two hours of "clean-up" work I was able to twist, bend, and stretch without pain. I remember being able to crouch down as a baseball catcher does with ease. The pain went away and did not return. I trust in Zandra's healing skills and "presence": gifts that have handled my dis-ease leaving me feel well in body, mind and spirit. Brian B. Richmond, CA

As a person with chronic pain, hyper-immunity challenges (including a diagnosis of RA) and a commitment to reverse the ravages of accident, abuse and birth traumas that eroded my physical function, I have rigorous standards for the people I let touch my body. I have known Alexandra for a dozen years. Her ability to shift my physical status towards more ease and flow is quite special - and I have the privilege of working with a number of gifted bodyworkers! During a session, Alexandra invariably hones in at the deepest levels where my body is stuck in its holding/patterns and with gentle and relentless precision supports me in restoring function. She creates a serene, centered environment and I eagerly look forward to the next time we will work together. Fern L, Berkeley, CA

I have been a personal fitness trainer for over eight years, largely due to the excellent care I have received from Alexandra. Ten years ago I fell while roller-skating and broke EVERY bone in my left wrist. When my arm came out of the cast it still looked horrible and poorly shaped! It seemed like my choices as an athlete were going to be limited for the rest of my life. Alexandra worked on my shoulder, elbow, wrist and fingers. It felt like magic to hear and feel a slight "click" as Alexandra gently slid my joints back into their proper positions! We had about 8 sessions over the course of a few months after the cast was removed.   Now we do a maintenance session or two as needed. With the complete healing Alexandra helped provide, I have gone on to specialize on strength training for women. Now in my mid-forties I am the most athletic and "buff" I have ever been!  I thank Alexandra literally every day.
Margo R, Alameda, CA, Certified Personal Trainer

In just one session with Alexandra, I experienced significant and lasting relief from repetitive use pain in my forearms and wrists. I will definitely be back for another treatment!
Naraya S Life Coach & Massage Therapist, Berkeley, CA

I've known Alexandra and received bodywork from her for over a decade. I've found her enthusiasm, professional expertise and empathy to be more than exceptional. Simply put, she has wonderful, understanding and educated hands.Mike C. Oakland, CA

I started seeing Alexandra to detox my body from gluten. Since that time, she has helped my body heal in so many other dimensions. Her gentle treatments have helped me with my back pain and neck pain. She has been patient in answering my questions. I recently went through a very traumatic loss. I started to experience some very physical discomfort and pain shortly afterward. Alexandra provided a safe and healing environment for me during this time. She has an inuitive gift and her hands end up treating an area that I didn't even know needed treatment. I feel very lucky to know her and I am thankful that our paths crossed.B.J., Emeryville, CA

The pelvic healing I received from Alexandra was obvious. I came in, barely able to walk, sit or stand and within one session was able to do all three. That was pretty dramatic and noticeable.
Alayne C. Berkeley, CA

I suffer from ulcerative colitis and have a hard time tolerating most foods. I started seeing Zandra about two years ago. It is difficult to say what she does because it does not look like she is doing much but my health and sense of well being have dramatically improved since we started our sessions. At first she helped me figure out what foods I could eat without me having to risk eating them and suffering. She also took me off gluten which and within two weeks I saw a huge difference in health and my health improved every day after that for about nine months. During one session she did this energy balancing thing, I have no idea what she did but I have never before felt so well. This lasted for a couple of days and Zandra assured me that in time I will come to feel that way everyday. I think that if you are having some kind of health issue, Zandra can probably help you in some way. Hitesh, L., Berkeley, CA

Six years ago I broke my leg playing ice hockey. Alexandra happened to be at the game and went with me to the hospital. The break was severe enough that surgery was required however due to extraneous circumstances the doctors decided to wait until the following day to proceed. Alexandra worked on the bones (both tibia and fibia were broken) over night and was able to move them just enough that surgery was no longer required. Recently, I experienced what I would best call a 'toxic elimination' where my body started reacting to most foods I was eating. Alexandra helped me through this time, identifying which foods were causing the problems, the foods I could eat, and helping me move through this time very quickly (the whole thing took less than 10 days).
Michael K., Oakland, CA

I started seeing Zandra about 3 years ago. At that time I suffered from chronic stiff neck, back, and arms. I had been in this condition for over 20 years. I had tried massage and chiropractic but these only provided short term relief. Within a few short months of working with Zandra the extreme stiffness had moderated. The frequency of our visits decreased and I moved into a "maintenance" mode. Now I continue to go but only once a month or even less frequent. My neck continues to relax and gain more mobility. Zandra gave me specific streaching exercises for my arms and this allows me to use the computer without excessive strain.
VC San Leandro, CA

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