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In light of the potent and effective methods of bodywork available today, more people are choosing to receive therapeutic touch, whenever possible, as an alternative to receiving prescription drugs and/or surgery. Manual therapies for healing are at the cutting edge of recovery from physical and emotional trauma.

Manual Medicine is a rehabilitative clinical bodywork practice in Aptos, CA run by Alexandra Kaufman. She is a licensed massage therapist in California with National certification (NCBTMB) and over 3000 hours of study in certifications of 15 popular techniques, including: Integrative Manual Therapy™, Lowen Systems (previously Biovalent® Systems), The Berry Method and Cranio-Sacral Therapy - all of which are rooted in Osteopathy.

Now, she has created her own trademarked, gentle, non-invasive approach to promote the body’s natural healing abilities called the Manual Medicine Method™ (MMM).

The swift results of MMM frequently surprise her clients because of the exclusively gentle touch she uses in her clinical bodywork. Many clients report relief from their most acute symptoms within their first few sessions (use this link to read client testimonials.)

With incredibly subtle movements, Alexandra is able to harness the self-corrective rhythms of the body. Her therapies enhance and facilitate the body’s natural healing processes and intelligence. MMM relies on a life-giving, positive view of the healing body.

Like a gyroscope of intelligence, our systems construct patterns we can follow to bring about health and real time healing. The cells of the body heal and reconfigure into healthy tissue and come into alignment when the rhythms and patterns are engaged, encouraged, and followed. Staying present to these living currents or biorhythms in the body is fundamental to the practice of MMM.

Like tides that shift in the open sea, these oceanic bodily rhythms change and shift constantly. In her practice Alexandra discerns these patterns at both the local/micro levels and the macro levels of the body. Depending on her assessments during the treatment, one or all levels will be addressed both for evaluation and treatment.

Please contact Alexandra today to discuss your particular concerns and see if MMM can bring you out of discomfort and into a more vibrant state of health. Discount packages and gift certificates are available.

Alexandra (Zandra) Kaufman, MA, CMT #7585, IMT.C, NCBTMB

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