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Frequently Asked Questions

Medicine Buddha
Medicine Buddha

1. How long is a treatment session?

Sessions are 55 minutes . And, since more is accomplished in two consecutive sessions than one at a time, clients regularly book two sessions back to back. This is recommended for better usage of time and effectiveness, but certainly not necessary.

2. Where are your bodywork studios located?

I have a bodywork studio in Aptos, California.

Once a session is scheduled I will provide you with more precise directions to the studio.

3. Is it okay to exercise after a treatment?

Generally speaking, yes. It is especially good to walk after a treatment, even before you get back into your vehicle, so as to integrate what has happened in your body. Stronger forms of exercise are not necessarily discouraged though you would be advised to listen to what your body wants and needs at that time.

4. Do you accept Personal Injury cases?

Yes. I have accepted many Personal Injury cases and can provide the proper paperwork for submitting to your insurance company.

5. Do you accept Workman’s Comp cases?


6. Do you accept insurance?

If you would like an invoice for your session to submit to your provider, this can be accommodated.

7. Do you refer out to other practitioners?

Yes. If I don’t feel that I can help you with your particular health concerns I will certainly make a referral to another kind of practitioner. Additionally, I believe in augmenting healing using a multi-pronged approach in which one can draw upon different forms of both complementary and traditional healing. Sometimes I might recommend getting Acupuncture, consulting an Herbalist, Nutritionist, Homeopath, Naturopath, or Pilates instructor. I might recommend asking your physician for a particular test or seeing a Personal Trainer or Physical Therapist for some strengthening and functional exercises and development.

8. Do you offer classes?

Yes. I offer a class on developing subtle touch and palpation skills. Click this link for alexandra kaufmana flyer on the current class being offered.

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