Manual Medicine: advanced therapeutics for healing

Zandra's Bio

What first drew me into this kind of work was being under the tutelage of an expert, now retired, bodyworker in Berkeley California named Lynda Caesara, a Berry practitioner. Learning to build all the joints of the body out of clay with our hands, inclusive of the surrounding muscles, tendons and ligaments, was a fascinating start to being able to see into the body. As her assistant for eight years in her private practice, I began to develop as a skilled manual therapist. Years of study ensued, in many different modalities, with an average of 200 hours of classes per year for many years on end.

Attending and graduating from Hampshire College in Amherst Massachusetts encouraged me to see differently. I was on track for pre-med, then switched to psychology. My thesis for graduating grew out of a six-month internship at the internationally renown psychiatric hospital and training center called the Menninger Foundation in Topeka, KS. After graduating, activism as a canvasser and director of the western Massachusetts Greenpeace office in Amherst, MA fueled my confidence that I could make a difference in this world just talking with one person at a time. I earned my black belt in Aikido at East Bay Aikido and a Masters degree in Spirituality/Psychology from Holy Names University, both in Oakland California. Five years of devoted time to Apple’s leading backup software developer, Dantz Development, helped augment my business background. My bodywork practice is the culmination of conjoined interests in healing, psychology and spirituality. I call this practice Manual Medicine. Currently a student of Anusara Yoga, my self-discovery process only continues to inform my bodywork practice.

I have been a practitioner of the healing arts and maintained a private clinical practice in Oakland, California from 1995 until 2011 when I moved the practice to Aptos, California. A certified practitioner in IMT™, foundation certified in Lowen Systems, and a Reiki Master, I also hold certificates in thirteen other modalities of bodywork. I live and work in Aptos, CA.

The work I do is accomplished over the clothes using non-invasive touch. My goal is to address your health concerns by restoring function and preventing disability while discovering increased body awareness and an increased quality of life.

Specializing in:

Therapeutic Modality Education

I have earned certificates in the following modalities:

  • Jin Shin Do Acupressure
  • Matrix Energetics
  • Reflexology
  • Reiki
  • Shiatsu
  • Sports Massage
  • Swedish Esalen
  • ThetaHealing®

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