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muscle systemAbout Evolutionary Process

Evolutionary Process involves working with fulcrums on the body at the interface of the intercellular matrix - the "watery place" in the body. Here we can access in an amplified way the self-correcting motilities of the body and use these motilities to free up blocked or compressed tissues and energies.

We also work to integrate emotional, ancestral and past life energies where they may have become blocked, and to release any other energies, which are not part of us. When an opening or release has been achieved, we work in the electromagnetic field around the body to bring in the higher consciousness energies for support and healing.

At this time in human evolution, as the vibration on the Planet and within us is rising rapidly, we face a time of amazing opportunity, and sometimes challenge, as we integrate into these New Earth energies. This is what Evolutionary Process is all about.

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