Manual Medicine: advanced therapeutics for healing, Manual Medicine Method

alexandra kaufmanWhat I can offer

Manual Medicine for Advanced Therapeutics employs a cutting edge system of gentle, hands-on-healing technology (click here to read more.)

What it will do for you

This gentle, non-invasive work, has been quite effective addressing the following specific issues

What you can do now

If you experience any of the above, have other injuries or health concerns, please contact me today to discuss your particular issues and see if MMM can bring you out of discomfort and into a more vibrant state of health.

Contact me by phone: (510) 908-9448 or email. Office in Aptos, CA.

The manual therapies Alexandra employs to deal with physical and emotional trauma are recognized as valid complements and alternatives to western medicine by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, a division of the National Institutes of Health.

Alexandra (Zandra) Kaufman, MA, CMT #7585, IMT.C, NCBTMB

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